Weirdest weather happening this week. On Thursday I woke up and found out there was FREEZING RAIN. My whole apartment building was covered in a sheet of ice. I missed school and had to ice skate (practically) to my car. It was crazy/amazing…never seen anything that like in my life!

January 26th Week review284

Now, it’s in the 30s and it feels SO warm. But, it’s super foggy outside. Last night when I was going to bed, the electric poles outside my building were buzzing SO loud. Fog related? My power never went out…so strange..January 26th Week review297

Anyways.. THIS WEEK I:

Went to my internship:

January 26th Week review289 January 26th Week review292

– Paid ten dollars for a bag of grapes from Harmons (they were 4.99 per lb.) (#hatemylife)

– Got the ham and swiss sammy from The Dodo with J and S on Friday. So fun catching up with those hoez!

– Went to see Zero Dark Thirty with Jes. Woah. It was a really good movie….crazy how we will never know the name of the agent who spent years working on tracking down OBL. I wanted to start chanting U.S.A. U.S.A. U.S.A. after it was over. There have been some really good movies out this last month!




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