As of late…

Thursday night I went to see Peter Shankman speak – he was amazing! I left feeling very excited about the future and things that I want to do. Thanks SMCSLC for hosting!

Friday I went and saw Eric(a) at Plan-B Theatre Co. It was so good! The content of the show was very interesting, but so was the crowd. Almost found as much emotion and interest in watching the people around me. Very thought provoking:

Screen Shot 2013-03-04 at 10.24.53 PM

Saturday I went out to dinner with my dear friend, Jesika. She also made me some rum cakes for my birthday and gave me a gift perfect for summer:

As of late… March 4, 2013 775

Sunday, I snuggled with my favorite people – I also snapped some pics of my sissy and cute nephew Elliot. My sister is amazing – she wears so many hats each day and does so many things, but still always makes time to cuddle her little bugs. #jessicasimpsonactuallymakessomedecentshoes:

As of late… March 4, 2013 780

Today I had a typical Manic Monday until I came home and found some flowers from my sweet neighbor on my doorstep:As of late… March 4, 2013 788




P.s. this made me think of you, moo:

As of late… March 4, 2013 785

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  1. LOL! This post made me laugh out loud!! That pig balloon is TOO MUCH. Seriously why didn’t you buy it? Helium mylar balloons last for like 12 years so it totally would still be floating when and if M&D ever move back to UT. Oh, and thanks for the shout out. 🙂

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