Cause it’s Wednesday night baby, and I’m alive.

Woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. I wasn’t too grumpy, I just kind of felt like I didn’t properly wake up. Then I read this from imboycrazy:

Moon river Feb. 7, 2013

Can I just say how much I love her blind leading the blind posts? Totally changed my mindset and day for that matter.

For the rest of the afternoon I…..

Took pictures of myself being nuts/a total spazzzz (hahahahahah):

Moon river Feb. 7, 2013 529

Went to class and learned about media bias. Honestly, my Persuasion and Politics class at the U is one of my favorite classes I have ever taken. I wish it was every day of the week.

After class I went over to Melinda’s to pick up my copy of Downton Abbey season 3 that I left in her car yesterday (waaaaaaahooooooooo). I hung around her house for an hour or so and just chatted with her. I love my sissy’s. They are all so perfect in their own ways and always give me just what I need.

I LOVE YOU (not you, toxic fog outside my window),


P.s. please try and tell me how this picture of my mom and dad isn’t the GREATEST thing ever captured on film:

Moon river Feb. 7, 2013 470And hey, if you ever need a pic to promote Saturday Night Fever’re welcome:

Moon river Feb. 7, 2013 469


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