Don’t Dream It’s Over

On Monday, I left my apartment to fresh snow and blue skies! Ah, Utah has had the worst air in the nation for the last (feels like ten years) couple of weeks. Even though digging my little Golf out of the snow is a pain, I feel like it’s an appropriate price to pay for clean air and blue skies.Jan 29. 2013 Winter Wonderland Week 308

Jan 29. 2013 Winter Wonderland Week 313After my internship, J came and got me and we went to J’s favorite restaurant, My Thai. The food there is so good! Jackie always gets the beef basil (super spicy) and I alternate between what I order. Last night I got Tom Kha Gai. MMMM. Delicious mixture of coconut, cilantro, chicken, and spices. Jackie donated plasma earlier in the day and was feeling rather worn out…this meant that she was being hilarious.

Favorite comments from dinner:
“I’m ill” (after dinner was consumed)
“I’m lethar” (short for lethargic)
Jan 29. 2013 Winter Wonderland Week 316 Jan 29. 2013 Winter Wonderland Week 317 Jan 29. 2013 Winter Wonderland Week 318

She makes me laugh cry EVERY.TIME.I.SEE.HER. love you, boo!

Anyways, today I walked out of my apartment to a snow covered golf, again! (strangely I got the same parking spot two days in a row (all the smartcar drivers must be on road trips?!?)).

Jan 29. 2013 Winter Wonderland Week 319

I really love the snow. I hate driving in it/slipping and falling in it, but it’s so pretty! Campus was gorgeous today.Jan 29. 2013 Winter Wonderland Week 321

Today I was walking through the Union and the study abroad fair was going on. Reminded me of last year, when on a whim I wandered in to that same fair and learned all about London. I got super jealous at the thought of new students going on the London study abroad this year. Ahhhhhh.

Jan 29. 2013 Winter Wonderland Week 320


Listen to me.


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  1. I love your blog sissy! Even though I don’t comment on most of your posts, I read them all and think you’re observant, appreciative, and hilarious! Not to mention I MISS YOU and hope old man winter backs off for a few days so we can catch up!

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