January Cinema+Books

Since I am a fanatic list maker, I decided that each month of this year I am going to read 1 book from my list of “have not read yet”, and watch a list of themed movies.

The cinema theme for January is: MY FAVORITE COMEDY MOVIES OF ALL TIME (that I currently own on dvd).

The list is as follows:

Bridesmaids, GIRLS Season 1 (not a movie, but definitely a favorite), Hamlet 2, Wet Hot American Summer, Pulp Fiction, Superbad, Detroit Rock City, and Superstar. Movies that are not listed include: Wayne’s World, Tommy Boy, and Dumb and Dumber. (because I don’t own them on DVD…yet).

January Cinema+Books 1:15:13 30 January Cinema+Books 1:15:13 33Also, since a reorganization happened a few weeks ago, I have dedicated a shelf to those poor books that I have yet to crack open. I magically ended up placing 12 books in that shelf and decided that I would read one of them a month. I go through reading spouts, the last big one was last December (tooooo long ago) when I read the whole Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series in one week.

January Cinema+Books 1:15:13 10

This month I am going to read On the Road from Jack Kerouac.

What books are YOU reading this year?


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