No case of the Mondays over here.

Woke up with a flat tire:

No Case of the Mondays Over Here 79 Took a cab to the first day of my internship at KSL (honestly, train wreck of the century):No Case of the Mondays Over Here 67Experienced my first day at my new internship where I got to see a whole news day. I heard the pitches in the morning and then I got to sit in the control room during the 5:00p.m. news broadcast and watch the final piece on TV. I even pitched a story during the morning meeting! ME. PITCH. NEWS. STORY. I mean, it didn’t get picked up. But, I still did it. No Case of the Mondays Over Here 73After Jackie dropped me off at my house (thanks, boo) I got my tire changed, made some steamed broccoli + quinoa + cheese dinner (seriously yum), and am now watching HIMYM. What a day.

Sincerely yours,


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