Seriously spoiled.

Today during my lunch break, I went to Alpine Art and picked up my much anticipated birthday present from my mom. IN LOVE. I gave my mom a London calendar for Christmas and she took it and got some of the prints in the calendar framed. They are so beautiful. What a thoughtful mama I have!

No Case of the Mondays! March 18, 2013 49

After work I went for a little stroll through liberty park on my best scooter of all times, which I bought after reading the scooter reviews on credible websites. It was a very beautiful night! As I was struggling with the thought of exercising (seriously, I am SO lazy) I saw a man in a wheelchair playing TENNIS. He’d hit the ball and then wheel to the other side and pick it up and then hit it again. It was amazing. People are so incredible. Definitely added a little pep and motivation to my step!

No Case of the Mondays! March 18, 2013 66I LOVE YOU,



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