Spring break day VI

Today J left and Cari arrived! I had so much fun with Jackie – she’s the greatest and I may or may not have shed a few tears when she departed! I really enjoyed spending time with my bestie.
Spring Break Day Six 2013 70 Luckily, Cari arrived shortly after and mended my sullen heart. hehe. We of course hit up Ned’s:Spring Break Day Six 2013 80

Tomorrow is my birthday! Au revior, 22! It was a good year. Here are some pics of my 22nd birthday last year:

My 22nd Birthday 2012!250 My 22nd Birthday 2012!247 My 22nd Birthday 2012!306 My 22nd Birthday 2012!284 My 22nd Birthday 2012!253 My 22nd Birthday 2012! My 22nd Birthday 2012!310LOVES,


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