Spring break day VIII

Today my sissy Jyl shot a video for her upcoming keynote at a genealogy conference. We made my grandma MAS’s famous (in our family, anyway) banana cookies. The video is going to be SO cool. The vibe was so awesome. One of my favorite parts was after we (and be we I mean Jyl and Cari) made the cookies, my sisters and I all huddled together in my grandparent’s living room and listened to a recording of my grandma’s voice. It was really cool/emotional to hear. Can’t wait to see the video.

Spring Break Day Seven 2013 21After the video, we went to Matta’s with my aunts (and new uncle!) and cousins. I sure love them!

Spring Break Day Seven 2013 32Cari and I got a little chatty during lunch and ended up getting to the airport less than an hour before our flight – needless to say we ran through the airport Home Alone style and also needless to say I have shin splints today. (PATHETIC)

Oh, by the way..we made our flight.



p.s. isn’t this the cutest owl of all time?

Spring Break Day Seven 2013 26



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