5 Things I Loved About my Trip to Guatemala

Okay, first of all let me tell you that I am completely obsessed with my parents. Do you remember the scene (you better already be nodding your head yes) in Sixteen Candles when they are at the high school dance? You see a bunch of characters go through (like Joan Cusack’s) anyways, you also see this kid and his parents, who are trying to drop him off at the dance – he refuses and comes right back out of the auditorium saying “but I wanna be with you guys!” THAT IS ME.

1. My parents moved to Guatemala in 2008. My dad is the area legal counsel for the LDS Church in Central America. Every year I have been able to make a trip to visit them. This year is my last trip as they are moving back to Utah this summer. Since the last time I ventured out to visit them, they started taking a nightly walk from their house to this beautiful gated neighborhood. I stopped to take pictures of flowers and they ditched me:5 Things I Love About my Trip to Guatemala January 20141999 2. Why is it when you see your parents you automatically turn into a 4 year old? I love being babied by my mom – she thinks I am super annoying. But, it’s not my fault! Being babied obviously equates to eating french t for breakfast:5 Things I Love About my Trip to Guatemala January 201419613. I am the baby of my family (in more ways than one, hence the above post). The next oldest sibling after me is 10 years older. I was sibling less when I turned 8 years old. Once a month (or something like that) my parents would host Sunday dinner at our house. OH BOY. My dad would grill his heart out on a big Weber grill in our beautiful backyard. I would inhale the smoke coming out of that grill like it was the freshest air in the world. Trust me – you’ll never have a better steak than one that my dad makes. Snapped my pops cooking dinner on ye ole mini Weber grill (the big one didn’t fit in his suitcase):
5 Things I Love About my Trip to Guatemala January 20142054 4. Again with the being babied. I absolutely LOVED getting pampered at the exclusive spa in Oakland Mall with this lady:5 Things I Love About my Trip to Guatemala January 20141981 5. Ever since Harry Potter came out when I was 12 I have loved/secretly wanted to be an owl. This is the owl sweater that my mom picked out and bought me:5 Things I Love About my Trip to Guatemala January 20141996



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