travels with b&b.

Bye SLC, helllllo sunny California!Airplane selfies: a coffee table book.

Traveled with babe alert for work to support some of our gaming friends:

I had fun being his assistant: Even though I don’t know how to do/set anything up:

The food trucks were AMAZING. I also realized that I want to fill my house, to the brim, with fruity pebbles:

Hung out with some of my favorite peeps (weird lighting not normally included):

And my most favorite peep of all (after noelle, of course!):

Not pictured: my sweaty and red face after a 100-degree bike ride along the beach.

halloween book club!

We read this — I listened to it as an audiobook! It’s the first book I have listened to — while I definitely like the convenience of being able to multitask and “read” I def found myself getting distracted by my own thoughts, etc. I also did crrrrrruise through it cause I started it three days before I needed to have it done. I am going to give my audible trial another go and see how listening at a reasonable rate (not 2.5 speed!!!) will do for my retention. Anywhoooooo Ash hosted tonight and it was halloween themed (obvs). We were all instructed to bring a treat. here was my inspo:

How gross are these (hahahahahah):

Added in some ghost bananas (not members of the KKK):I threw some tinfoil over my plate, got out my eyeliner and cat ears and headed north:

Ash’s house is the CUTEST:

Everyone’s treats were amazing:

I had a great time catching up with these wonderful ladies: