Catch us on Dinner Takes All!

This just in: I was on a cooking show with my boyfriend and his fam. It aired last night on BYU TV and here is where you can watch it FO’FREE online: I had the best time learning how to cook these recipes from Chef Cynthia (also known as Mama Cynth!) and working with my co-cooks Brent, Julia & John. We make a pretty great team!

Cyn came up with our dishes — in the theme of Sunday dinner, where we FEAST at her home each week together. It’s one of my favorite traditions of their family (and mine!) and we always eat sooooo well. Find our recipes and all of the recipes from season 1 here!

Watch and let me know what you think!

Dinner Takes All, photographed by Justin Hackworth

Brent’s Banana Panackes

Brent’s favorite breakfast item (besides bacon, of course) are his banana pancakes. These are simple to make.


1 banana that is ripe (but not too ripe)
1 egg


Smash the banana so that it creates a paste, mix in egg and combine. Cook on medium heat in a greased pan pouring the mix into a pancake shape. Serve with some ghee and a pinch of salt on top. You can also top with peanut butter!


Brent planned a little staycation weekend for me and Molls. It kicked off with us chaperoning my niece’s winter formal date ala cooking class from Chef Cynthia!

We had a lot of fun as her assistants!

I love Brent’s mom, Cynthia! She is amazing and so fun and I am grateful to be part of her fam:

After we stuffed our faces with delicious belgian waffles and crepes (DROOLING), we checked into Hotel Monaco! It’s pet friendly and the staff was so amazing to Molly. They greeted her and offered to check on her while Brent and I would be out for the evening. Next we ventured the Scout 2018 Gala — we clean up pretty nice! Although I will say I ran out of hairspray and my curls made me KINDA look like I’d gotten stuck in a rainstorm We then took an uber through McDonald’s cause YOLO

The hotel was comfy, and it was hard to get out of bed, but once we did we made it to Market Street to take part in their Sunday brunch. Hello, eggs benny and steak & eggs!

It was a blast of a weekend spent with my loves.