today’s the day.

started it off with a way too big coffee and breakfast at the farmer’s market with molls.

next B went to get J and drop off molls while I got my makeupz done! looking good and feeling good at the waldorf pcity: so EXCITED to be with these girls! SPOTTED: the bride. CRYING. BAWLING. BARFING. NOT BREATHING. She’s the prettiest. Her eyebrows could/should win a nobel peace prize. AMIRITE. Her wedding was at a local wedding distillery and it was gorgeous and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect.

We’re models: We danced the night away.

It was the best night and I wish I could relive it over and over.


s&v and I share the love of a local artist here in SLC. He GRACIOUSLY agreed to make this custom piece of art for their wedding gift even though his commissions are closed! (we’ve been OG fans…if you google his name, a picture I posted of his art shows up from my blog!).

It’s so stunning. We’re heading into their wedding weekend and I couldn’t be more excited!

PSA to all ladies.

Find yourself a love that will bike lunch to you when you can’t leave the office. 

My heart almost bursts everyday cause of this dude. Not that he doesn’t drive me crazy at times, but the good times highly outweigh the bad. So lucky to have him.