Me, at barre yesterday: Me, at my friend’s wedding last fall: Me, in a selfie: Me, supporting the arts:

Not spotted: me eating bacon + eggs + spinach for breakfast; taking two stairs at a time at my office; getting an afternoon caffeine with Liz (which, interesting side-note, is still kicking in); listening to my new Captain and Tennille record; being obsessed with you.

happy tuesday/valentine’s.

i have a crush on you, utah.

i also have a crush on myself for getting in my 17th class for ze challenge at barre tonight. ALMOST DIDN’T MAKE IT.

And last but not least, my valentine. I am lucky to be able to take my time. I wake up and meditate/obsess/over-analyze/work through my thoughts every morning before I make bfast and get ready and I’m so grateful I have a flexible schedule that grants me the time I need. God only knows where I’d be without you, snooze button. (me, this morning, running late, per usual)



It’s cold as hell, but sunny in SLC! After gettin’ sweaty at barre I went over to sissy’s house and proceeded to take a selfie: Then mah gals came over…we had some bfast and girl talk before I took them on my fave walk to the capitol and a long walk through memory grove and back. #blister

Now I’m sitting on my couch in my jams (can barely keep my eyes open even though it’s only 10:20p.m.) — cheeks a little more rosy than they were this morning and I feel content.

live and let live.

I have been struggling SO HARD lately to just enjoy the damn present moment and remember that whatever will be will be — regardless of whether or not I obsess over it. I’ve been driving myself absolutely mental and I wish that I could just remember to: “check yourself before you wreck yourself,” is what I say to myself right before/as I am wrecking myself (this still of a video I shot for my 1-second-a-day project is LITERALLY before I wrecked myself):

The sun hid all day today — but decided to grace us with their (his/her?!) presence at dusk, illuminating the tippy tops of the mountains — photo doesn’t nearly do it justice:

Today: 7. Me: -3.But you know what? I wouldn’t appreciate the days when I feel less frazzled, vulnerable and overall LIKE SHIT, if I didn’t have days that made me feel like this:

The “it” in this scenario is my damn mind.