“Bye Aunt Brooke! Hope you have fun in Vegas with le boyf,” – S Couman. I sure as shit had fun down in sin city with this bearded boy: Learned how to win and lose and win and ultimately lose at the slots: Took eight naps per day: And ate lots of pizza after free drinks in the casino:

Twas a good time! Grateful I get to travel and adventure as much as I do.

Three years #ForTheKids

Today is my three year workiversary! Since I started working at CMN Hospitals, more than 30 million kids have entreated a CMN Hospital for treatment. I am so grateful that I get to work for such an amazing cause and hang with the coolest coworkers and inspiring kiddos. Woo!

Two years, for the kids. Happy workiversary to me! I'm the luckiest. ❤️💛

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So many great memories made, #ForTheKids:

Got to hang with these two all day!  I mean, duh: Meanwhile boob breath was recovering from an overnight stay at Primary Children’s. Her little tear duct got infected and she needed to be on IV antibiotics — luckily the infection went down and she has healed up like a champ. Grateful to have an amazing children’s hospital in our backyard that can treat even the tiniest of patients, like little Sofi girl: