It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

This is the third Christmas in my home. I love decorating my little space and filling it with holiday cheer and traditions! One of my favorite traditions is having my nieces sleepover. We have dinner, paint nails, watch movies and hang out. Second only to our trampoline summer sleepover tradit, this is one of my favorite nights of the year!



Didn’t get a tree or have many presents. I was kind of in shambles last Christmas — grateful these girls love me unconditionally…even when I’m a basket case.


Feeling back to my festive self this year — even maybe making a little up for las year.

Two new additions to this year’s festivities: my babe and baby bear.

I am so, so grateful for these moments. Love these souls more than they know.

Happy blessing day, Miss Sof.

Her invitation was the cutest thing — I mean, just look at my parent’s faces: It was a party fit for a little delicious slice of lasagna:

She was baptized into the greek orthodox church: My sissy is so beautiful:

Just a warning, don’t mess with this little girl haha:Found the cutest boy at the party to take a selfie with:
And one with my supermodel of a niece:

And missing tooth malcom:

Ps. please just take a moment to soak in the stark difference between what happens when I hold baby breath:

And when Brent does:

Those are some loving eyes right there:

We sure love you, miss sofi d! Congrats on being baptized — can’t wait to celebrate you all your life.

ugly sweater.

Not pictured: brent’s sweater’s lighting system.

Llama reflection in a wine glass whilst hiding from the party in the back bathroom, Brooke Johnson, December 2017:

He stole my ears and made this picture blurry:

Snugglesworth 2018 on the wrong side of the bed on a Saturday morning: