NYC Day Four

Today we ventured to Brooklyn to met Annie Bannie for brunch at Jack the Horse Tavern! It’s located on Cranberry street in Brooklyn Heights. Cutest name ever? I want to live on Cranberry street! It was deeeeelish. After brunch, we made our way down to the promenade and got some great skyline pics:New York City Dec. 11-15, 2014 724

New York City Dec. 11-15, 2014 719
After Brooklyn, we went to St. Patrick’s Cathedral. We witnessed both a funeral and a baby blessing! Andrea has never been to NYC before – it’s fun to be traveling here with her:New York City Dec. 11-15, 2014 761 Later on, we made our way to China Town to get some souvenirs and look around. Then we headed up to Little Italy and visited Alexander’s house on Mott street. Then we all dined at Lovely Day. It was SO GOOD. I haven’t been able to stop dreaming about the chinese broccoli or the coconut curry I ordered. New York City Dec. 11-15, 2014 749 I have blisters from all the walking/touristing we have done the past few days – it’s been a fun trip and I am sad to leave tomorrow.


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