This is what going to barre at 6am looks like:Monday Feb. 9, 2015 317 I babysat puppy last night and gave her an early morning walk. She wasn’t feeling like a morning person:Monday Feb. 9, 2015 328I love these snuggles. She is the sweetest:Monday Feb. 9, 2015 363
Monday Feb. 9, 2015 368 Din with dad. He was being a big baby about a eggplant parm recipe I wanted to try. I was being a big baby about it too. Monday Feb. 9, 2015 399 It was delish though: Monday Feb. 9, 2015 404 Might have even gone back for seconds: Monday Feb. 9, 2015 408Monday Feb. 9, 2015 404 Recipe at a later date.

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