Sunday I’m In Love

With myself. I went swimming at the south davis rec center. I love swimming! I swam some laps, did some flips, held my breath. THE USUAL. I was also really inspired by an elderly man (had to be in his late 70s) doing back flips and dives off the diving board.Sunday I'm In Love Jan 25, 201567
Then I took advantage of the steam room:
Sunday I'm In Love Jan 25, 201568
After I put 15 pounds of conditioner on my ends (MELI I NEED SERIOUS HELP) I headed out to the McBrides for dinner:
Sunday I'm In Love Jan 25, 201579

Sunday I'm In Love Jan 25, 201582

Sunday I'm In Love Jan 25, 201585 There were snuggles and stories and we even went to visit their neighbor’s pet pig:Sunday I'm In Love Jan 25, 201572
After hanging out I saw this post and was instantly so sad. This Home Depot is right across the street from where I worked in NYC. I shopped there multiple times. Sympathies to the families who lost their loved one – I hope that we can someday figure out this crazy world:Sunday I'm In Love Jan 25, 201576


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