merry christmas.

My favorite and longest-standing Christmas eve tradition: A Christmas Story on repeat. Despite the fact that I look like I have the flu, I thoroughly enjoyed my mom’s pie crust treats (I mean, check the cinnamon stuck in the dent that’s in my front tooth). Woke up to a winter wonderland! Poor pup. Love this mom of mine. My dad made my sisters and I beautiful necklaces out of gold coins from his collection. I love these types of gifts — my mom gave us necklaces last year with a diamond from my grandma’s wedding ring. NAILED IT, m&d! Anywho, while waiting for my family to arrive for dinner, I took about 800 selfies and was super helpful: It snowed all morning, only letting up in the late afternoon. It was such a beautiful day! Trying out Meli’s new camera and it’s wifi syncing:

It was a good day — after a couple of bad days, it was a really good day.

Love you,


ps really loving meli’s iPhone 7+ depth effect happening in this pic (hahahaha i’m the worst):