too much fun.

When in doubt on what to do on a friday night, draw a mustache on your face with an expo marker. Worked for my friend Syd and I.

In other news..things I love RIGHT now:
1.The fact that I just got home from hanging out with my family, including my PARENTS. ah. I love October and the BYU law society meetings that bring my parents back to the States for a couple of weeks.
2. That my whole family knows how much I love Halloween and halloween magazines. I’ve received a halloween magazine as a surprise present on more than one occasion this month. Seriously? That’s love.
3.Chocolate chip cookies. The one that I picked up from paradise bakery today LITERALLY saved my life.
4. Classical music. More specifically, piano concertos. I enjoy full orchestra music, but there is something about piano that I really, really, really love. Like Gymnopédies: No. 1 It’s my favorite as of right now.

I am so grateful that I get to spend time with my family this week. I have been missing my mom, especially lately, and I can’t describe how good it feels to know that she is in Utah for a bit. AH.



One thought on “too much fun.

  1. I wish I didn't have kids so I could've sat around and visited all night haha! Dang school night. Our family is the BEST! "Paradise Basery literally saved my life" hahahaha ahhhh Brookie I'm glad you're back on your blog. Don't wait two weeks to post again, k?

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