Summer Goals 2010

-Go to Miss USA in Vegas
-See Love at the Mirage
-Take an acrylic painting class
-Take a cooking class
-Exceed in summer courses
-Keep buggie in tip top shape
-Read all the books you just bought && more
-Volunteer at HCI more-8hrs a week?
-Take pictures for Jyl and her new project
-Create picture art EVERYDAY
-Become more well known on photosig
-Study and prepare for fall semester
-Become involved in a community garden
-Get bitchin’ tanlines
-Keep Magnus alive
-Write Andrew and send him pictures
-Go to the Jay Leno show in Burbank CA!
-Have kiddies sleepover
-Take kiddies swimming
-Borrow projector && watch a movie on the front lawn
-Attend an Alfred Hitchcock free movie Monday
-Visit Maine!…or book && purchase a ticket to go there in Fall 2010
Host an elegant dinner–Great Gatsby style
-Have an amazing time with M&D
-Visit Grandpa in Arizona
-Learn more about Grandma MAS
-Read her favorite books
-Learn and attempt to master her recipes

I plan on conquering this list by the end of summer. I will bold my bullets when I complete them!

What are YOUR goals for this summer?



2 thoughts on “Summer Goals 2010

  1. Can I pleaseeee do some of that 2010 stuff with you? AND I SHLOVE those pictures. So cool. p.s. I laugh everytime you comment and it says "heyhotmess said…"

  2. My summer goal is to help you cross off some of your summer goals (namely, the ones that involve "kiddies"–as long as I can drop them off and leave haha). Good luck!

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