Two drifters off to see the world

My mom is in Utah this week getting stuff picked out and purchased for her home that she is moving into this summer and normally I’d be smothering her like a bean burrito and accompanying/bugging her on all her errands. (most likely whining about something, too.)

But, I live and work in NYC. And sometimes I hate my reality. (oh look, I can whine even when I am not with my mom!)

So to remain upbeat, here are 5 things that I loved about NYC today – cause there is quite a lot to love:
1. Today whilst on my usual morning commute I noticed something a little bit different by the entrance to the subway station. There were three Priests standing with black stuff smeared all over their foreheads and they were smearing that stuff on other people’s foreheads too. It’s Ash Wednesday!
2. I got a hot chocolate with a homemade marshmallow from City Bakery (check!) and a chocolate chip cookie. (interesting side note: I still have a WAY bad sugar headache from the hot chocolate and didn’t even eat my cookie in fear that my red blood cells would turn into pure sugar).today i love today i love 2
3.I’ve had “jeepers, creepers, where’d you get those peepers” stuck in my head after my cubie mate sang it to me and have found it colossally hilarious all day.
4. I went to dinner at Republic with Masha, Dev & Molly and we talked trash, memories and GLEN COCO.
5. Someone at work let me borrow their camping chairs for my Friday night adventure of attempting to get into SNL. Wish me luck, will ya?

p.s. this is what I am listening to today: Cupid, Sam Cooke; Friday on My Mind, The Easybeats; Moon River, The Innocence Mission.

I LOVE YOU. And miss you. Lots.


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