Well I feel sheepish

Today I took the crosstown M86 bus to the west side and met Lauren for our adventure into the beautiful NY city/town of Riverdale. The subway went above ground towards the last few stops – and it was SO pretty to see out. We went and met up with Masha to go swimming at her pool! First off, look at this beautiful view from her house:
Swimming, Greek, Aladdin! June 14, 2014 6014RIGHT?
Anyways, I haven’t been swimming for such a long time – I was SO excited.
Swimming, Greek, Aladdin! June 14, 2014 5979
Look at all those rays.
After spending some time working on our freckle collections, we headed back into the city for a delicious dinner at Dafni. Their food is so good! If you’re ever in the area, I recommend trying their gyro with rice. Also, their greek fries with feta – to.DIE.for. Would recommend their gigantes too – light and fresh. Yum! Drooling on my computer just remembering.
Swimming, Greek, Aladdin! June 14, 2014 6015
After dinner we rushed over (slowly though cause we really packed in those greek fries) to see Aladdin on broadway. My favorite Disney movie of all time! AHHHHH. Sadly the night we chose to attend, the Tony winning Genie was off (RUDE). I am more of a Robin Williams Genie fan.

Intermission selfie! Swimming, Greek, Aladdin! June 14, 2014 6020
The magic carpet was my favorite:

What a fun night!


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