Letters from Teach

In response to a desperate/advice seeking e-mail this was my News Writing teacher’s reply…..

“You should never ask a teacher about motivation, Brooke . We always search for some way to create it and fail miserly at a simple fix.

What may help is this: as you, I came from an academic family (father was an MD, mother very active in social organizations) and I didn’t graduate from college until I was 50!

My motivation was to be better than both of them in my chosen fields; i.e., radio/tv and journalism and at that I succeeded. However, they were unimpressed, so #1, don’t try to please the folks. You never will.

In my teaching career, I always felt that my enthusiasm was enough to motivate my kids, including you. #2: You can’t teach nor learn motivation; you either have a passion for something or you don’t. So, don’t force yourself. You’ll find it. Of that, with you, I have no doubt.

In trying to find my niche, that area which got me up in the morning and happy to get to it, took at lot of research and trying various avenues. Hated tv, though some said I was pretty good at it. Loved radio news but not being a DJ but made more money spinnin’ the hits. Tried being a cop and was offered two jobs, but was what they called “badge-heavy;” I like exerting my power. Feel in love with journalism … so finally found my niche. So, #3, put your toes in the water in a lot of areas, then – on your own! – decide what suits you and dive in.

You have a lot of un-released talent, Brooke. I have absolutely NO doubt you’ll be fantastic at whatever you decide to do, as long as the decision is YOURS!

Item last: I so admire your honesty! Very, very refreshing!

Onward, girl.


I wish I could figure out who I am and what I want to be already.



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