Denver, CO

Last Friday Jesika and I made our way to Denver, Colorado. Jes’s favorite band, The Gaslight Anthem was playing a concert there on Saturday and so we bought tickets and drove 10 hours East.
Denver is a cool city. Our hotel was right down the street from the concert venue so we explored around a bit when we arrived there late on Friday night. On Saturday we went shopping and hung around the Cherry Hill area.

The concert was amazing. We were super close and I got to stare at this hottie all night. MMM.

After the show we waited around and actually met the Lead singer and Drummer. Soooooo rad. Brian Fallon was really funny. He sat on his suitcase/briefcase and smoked a few cigarettes all whilst chatting about his favorite tours, Bruce Springsteen, and all the crazy European fans. It was amazing.


p.s. I really love this song right now.

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