Heaven part teux.

Today two great things happened – the first was that it was forecasted to be rainy. Normally that is a bad thing, right? Not today. Today I FINALLY had a pair of rain boots. So, today I wore my new rain boots on my commute to work. Yay! I ordered them off amazon this week and I love them. They are SO comfortable and they only go up to my mid-calf which is nice because high boots are so hard for me to get off. Like, I always need a bestie present to help me out. Anyways, if you are looking for inexpensive and comfy rain boots, these are the ones to get:New York City June 13, 2013 614
Even though it was forecasted to rain all day – and I had my rain boots ready to tackle any/all puddles….it didn’t rain! So, I took off my boots and they rested under my desk throughout the rest of my workday. Sad!

Second great thing was that a fellow intern and I went to lunch. We went to lunch at Shake Shack. Heaven round teux?

I must admit, it may or may not have been too much two days in a row. So, I mean, lesson learned.
New York City June 13, 2013 592New York City June 13, 2013 595

After work I met up with my roommate at the Barking Dog Restaurant for dinner. I got the chicken fajita wrap. It was SO yummy – I ate every bite. Now it’s 9:03 and I am ready to rest and digest.

P.s. the Flatiron building is RIGHT outside my office. Today I pretended I was a tourist and took a crappy picture of it. (Let’s be real, I am a tourist):
New York City June 13, 2013 615



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