Family Forward – Last Day

Theme park pictures are always (ALWAYS) worth it:
Family Forward Day 3 August 23nd, 2013 230 Family Forward Day 3 August 23nd, 2013 257 Um. Yum:Family Forward Day 3 August 23nd, 2013 237 Make my millennium:Family Forward Day 3 August 23nd, 2013 236 Bebs:Family Forward Day 3 August 23nd, 2013 240Even more magical during the day:
Family Forward Day 3 August 23nd, 2013 253 Family Forward Day 3 August 23nd, 2013 277 Saturday night luau. I am pretty sure the lady I am standing next to was chiseled out of stone:Family Forward Day 3 August 23nd, 2013 266 Dive-in movie by the pool (except it rained – but nice either way):Family Forward Day 3 August 23nd, 2013 268I could live here. Yep, I think I could.




Cause you’re my Saturday.

Been hanging with J a lot lately. HILARIOUS. We watched season 1 & 2 of GIRLS on Saturday. So gooood.

IMG_8625 IMG_8627Other than that, I have just been working and schooling and interning – OH and watching everything that has ever been made by HBO courtesy of AirPlay.

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 12.19.47 AMEarly birthday present? Thanks, Apple.



Good riddance, January!

The sun these past two days in UT has been SOUL HEALING. I needed it. Bad. Not that I was in shambles or anything, but sunshine and blue skies does something to me. It makes me think about driving with my windows down, blasting music, getting itchy legs from sitting on the grass, static hair from jumping on the trampoline (which was the best 10 foot trampoline ever made), and sweaty from being outside. I just want to get a megaphone and go on my balcony and scream-yell that I can make it until Spring/Summer, that I can handle winter, and that it’s all because of two days in a row with blue skies. (it may also be because I am blasting this right now).

The end of this week was good. To be honest though, I was feeling a bit worn out by Thursday. I had my internship, class, and work all week and the thought of doing another 9-5 on Friday was almost tear worthy (I am so pathetic). Luckily, my internship days go by quickly. I am really enjoying it. And on Friday my story almost made it onto the 5p.m. news!


I laughed so hard in Absolute Comm because of Kyle. He is seriously one of the funniest people I have ever met. I am so glad that we are in a class together! Even though I always have a stomach ache after.

End of January post. Feb 2, 2013 350 End of January post. Feb 2, 2013 1

I did a ridiculous shellac manicure on myself with this bright bubblegum pink polish. I LOVE IT. It is so shiney and in your face. I have missed having shellac’d nails..more on that later.

End of January post. Feb 2, 2013 353 End of January post. Feb 2, 2013 362


Jackie and I had stats together and it got to the point where we couldn’t even look at each other because we were laughing so hard. During our 5 minute break she was walking back in and knocked over this desk full of stuff and it made me laugh so hard I had tears running down my face. She is so hilarious. I haven’t had a nostril flaring laugh like that for a while. Felt gooood.


I pitched a story about an electronic nose that is being developed at the U. It made it all the way to the producers break down on the white board! I was so excited. It was also wear red day to raise awareness about women’s health. I went around the office and took pictures of people wearing red. The whole morning/afternoon staff got a picture wearing red and it was on the 5&6p.m news. I AM FAMOUS. (yes, that is yours truly in the back with her eyes closed….)

End of January post. Feb 2, 2013The set was all red too. GO UTES:

End of January post. Feb 2, 2013 431

During lunch I got my tan on: End of January post. Feb 2, 2013 416

When I got home from work, I laid in my bed, rented Dirty Dancing, and didn’t get up until 10a.m. this morning. Now I am going to study for my first Mass Comm Law test on Tuesday and get ready for movie night with J.






Watching Heathers on Netflix and have been laughing at the absurdity of this whole movie. I have been sitting here and wondering what the hell this all means? Why was Christian Slater such a heartthrob? I mean, great pâté?  And then it all makes sense.  Winona Ryder puts on a monocle and writes in her diary, because, WHY WOULDN’T SHE?

My favorite quotes thus far have to be… “I love my gay dead son,” and “ you were a blue bird, you were a brownie, you were a girlscout cookie.”

That’s all for now,