May 9, 2012


I just wanted to wish you all the best while your in England.  I love you very much. I know how capable you are and how strong you are.  You are a wonderful beautiful woman.  I know you will do really well.  Just know that you are stronger than you can ever imagine.  You are such a fun person and I am grateful to have you as my sister.  I am sorry for all the things that could be better but are not.  I just really want you to know I care a lot for you and I will pray for you often.  Have a fun time and learn a lot.

Your Brother,

Markie Boy

mi fam!And whenever I called – he answered – and whenever he thought I needed anything – he was already putting on his shoes and heading out the door. I will miss deeply our lunch dates at Greek Souvlaki, Ho Ho Gourmet, and Lorena’s. No one will ever laugh at Ace Ventura like we did – or quote Dumb & Dumber and Coneheads as well as us – or blast Steve Miller Band, Duffy, or Ryan Adams like we blasted. I love you! My Christmas tree carrier, always there for me, big brother who read this quote to me when I was having a hard time: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” Eleanor Roosevelt. Your dreams were beautiful, Markie. I love you!