Last day at work was sad – I really fell in love with this place! Going to miss the hilarity and sassiness of my coworkers:Last day in NYC June 28, 2014 71
After resisting the urge to ugly-cry in front of my colleagues, I stopped and took one last pic (for now) with the empire state building. Cause, duh.
Last day in NYC June 28, 2014 90
200 5th – where every day you were in a Flatiron and Empire State Building sandwich. Isn’t s/he lovely?
Last day in NYC June 28, 2014 82
I spent Thursday evening and all day Friday packing and getting everything ready. My car picked me up at 229 E. promptly at 4pm and before I knew it, my big apple chapter was closed. What an insanely fun/hard adventure this past year+ was.