Great things about today:

So I bought this caramel apple soap from work and it seriously smells just like a caramel apple sucker. JUST LIKE IT. Amazing.

While between classes I read this article and died laughing. article Written from a city weekly intern, all of those featured interns are funny/good. Hilarious.

Saw this pack of bubble yum original today and missed my hot doctor boyfriend in Chicago. Sad.

Reasons why I’m excited for the weekend/my life:
1.Dollar theater.
2.Serioulsy? What genius thought of this?
3.Lunch with Kacy on Friday. woo!
4.“Yes i’ll take 5 brats and 17 steins to go please.” Can.not.wait.
5.We are now on the downward slope of September being a week away. I can honestly confess that September and October and my favorite months of the year.

Reasons why September and October are my favorite months:
1.This place. Nothing says fall like a dirty&damp hay stack, pumpkin patches and lunch at Archibolds.
2.This movie. Greatest.thing.ever.
3.This dream. I will live in Maine..during fall.



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