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LIFE: working on my compy, listening to the Django Unchained soundtrack, and rocking a messy top knot. (someone come and save me).
Working and Weekend Jan 4, 2012 63Because my house became quite the cluttery-mess due to finals week, retail work during the holidays, and just the holidays in general.. I have been on a real organizing kick.  Naturally I keep finding old treasures and trinkets. Like this little gem - my two sided map of London that kept me from getting lost this summer:

Working and Weekend Jan 4, 2012 71

When I am not working or organizing, I am watching this:



Also, I have been thinking of a theme to make for 2013 and I think it’s going to be…

Be Brave

What do you think? There are going to be a lot of things in 2013 that are going to take some serious bravery. Like, maybe giving up diet coke and pasta roni.  NOOOOOO.

Be Brave



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