Crafting made me do it (thrice)

Again, it all started after I was browsing Pottery Barn Teen late at night* and found these cute pinboards for a cool $119. YEAH, RIGHT. Pinboards Nov. 19, 2014 03 At Michaels, I bought a cork roll, a wooden 9″ heart , and a big wooden B. First, I** cut the cork roll in the shape of my wooden heart and B. Then I*** hot glued it on:!Pinboards Nov. 19, 2014 03 Next, I**** covered the heart (going to work on the B later with some different fabric) with fabric and hot glued it on – wrapping it around and gluing it onto the back of the board:Pinboards Nov. 19, 2014 04

Pinboards Nov. 19, 2014 05 Then I got some of my painted wooden circles I made or magnets and hot glued them onto tacs: Pinboards Nov. 19, 2014 06
Finished product is SUPER CUTE. I am planning to do a big collage on the wall above my headboard:
Pinboards Nov. 19, 2014 07

Craft on,


*On ambien
**And by me, I mean my mom
***And by me, I mean my mom
****And by me, I mean my mom

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