Happy first Monday of 2016!

And also my first day of Whole30. I had good meals all day and took this fluff ball up to my parent’s house. She’s just the loveliest.

Whole30 prep. Jan 4, 2016 87

While under my mom’s supervision, I roasted some brussel sprouts. HOLY AMAZING. Just blanched them for a few minutes and then covered them in olive oil and cooked in the oven for 15 mins. Didn’t even really cry (that many) tears when I spotted, among all the greens and leafs, a beloved and sacred Snickers bar. WILL POWER.
Whole30 prep. Jan 4, 2016 86
Also, I am on day three of using my Clarisonic that I got on Saturday. I LOVE IT. The face wash that came with it smells so goooood. And my face just feels squeaky clean.

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