treats and snoozin.

It snowed last night and I haven’t dared to go outside.

I’ve never been a winter or cold-weather hater…but PEOPLE CHANGE and I’ve been day-dreaming about blossoms and light jackets (hahaha I’m such a loser). Here’s a s’cute picture of me and my beautiful friends in Seattle that I’m going to stare at until March. KBYE.

PS it’s the first day of the January Whole30. I’m doing it yet again — I actually feel really in control and pleased with my food freedom…but, I want to be a better cook and eat regular meals (as I sit here and haven’t had anything to eat today….I really need to buck up and go to the store #brrr). It’s crazy that almost a year ago today I was starting my first Whole30, unsure of what to expect, but so damn excited that I was finally doing something to change myself. It’s been a crazy and amazing road since then — I am going to FOREVER be grateful to my J for gifting me the tools I needed to change my life.

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