So I was thinking..

Have you ever thought about why certain words were created for certain things/feelings?…cool, me either. But, if I had, I would probably guess that the person who created the word frustration was most likely on the phone with Comcast trying to figure out why their internet wasn’t working.


Quick photo re-cap of my hour before work:

Needless to say, I drove to work with the AC blasting, music off, and blurry vision due to my, “I have nothing better to offer the world right now but my tears,” situation.

P.S. not to somberly glide my own depressing violin bow or anything, but I am taking my two week old macbook pro into the apple store tomorrow because when it starts up it just can’t seem to let go of the beautiful and mesmerizing appeal of the thing I’d like to refer to from now on as the, “*expletive* great,” page.

Awesome. On a lighter note, this is hilarious:




1. She’s adorable && a champ. Pulled her front teeth out (mostly) by herself.

2. While writing a speech for my comm 2010 class tonight I was inspired and would just like to remind everyone and anyone that may need a little reminding….be respectful and responsible to our community.

3. I had an amazing work filled weekend and am so grateful to all the interesting and annoying people I sell lotion with. LOVE THEM.

4. Also, I am super content.

That is all.



p.s. I really love this song sometimes.

I know, I know, even I have to try not to barf that it’s Avril Lavigne. Get over it.

Things I….

*The Island Margarita wallflower that I bought from work two weeks ago. It sends a sweet welcome to my nose every time I come home. I LOVE it.
* Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. This will be my third time reading this book…if that’s not love then I don’t know what it. I absolutely adore this story and the memories of growing up with Harry ‘n friends.
* My recent adventures that included going to dinner, a concert and to Gracies with my beautiful friend Jesika. #s3x!
* The adorable new condo that Stef and I will be moving into at the end of this month. Needless to say, Ikea has been on each of our homepages this week. (pictures to come, DUH)
* Incubus. I’ve never been a huge fan of this band but, I must say that they have been serenading my ears the last few nights. I am obsessed with “I miss you” GIMME MORE.
* Summer in Salt Lake. Even though I froze my ass off on the 4th of July, nothing beats the gorgeous trees, and late night drives in this lovely town of mine.
* Oh, and speaking of late night drives…I got myself a new car! Meet my Golf:

(not named quite yet..getting there) It’s adorable and I feel like a new woman without experiencing my constant bouts of claustrophobia now that the buggie is gone.



holy balls.

Things I love today:

-Clair de Lune. On repeat.
-Waking up with my earbuds in. OUCH.
-Volunteering and meeting a variety of interesting people.
-Having other people clean my house because it’s dirty. PATHETIC.
-Elton John
-Strawberries and getting seeds stuck in my teeth.
-BBMing with Cari. Honestly? Funniest person in the world.
-Example of our conversation today: “You don’t know pig latin? Illegally download it off rosetta stone!”
-The fact that it’s Friday and that I am going to have an AWESOME weekend. Hope you have one too!