Another week has gone by? Crazy. This time of year is so amazing and it seems to CHEETAH RUN past me, every year. I have been thinking everyday this November what I am grateful for. There are so many things that the list is endless. Here are a few of my favorite things to be grateful for:

– Those moments when laughter is not appropriate but you do it anyway, I’m talking about losing all composure-you look like an a-hole, moments.
My fluffy blanket from the bbw. It’s the best
– Holiday spirt, especially this holiday song.
– My family! Duh. My parents are in Panama right now and I honestly would not trade my Dad’s hilarious BBM’s for anything in the entire world. Also, look at this little guy:

I went and saw Morning Glory on Thursday. It was good, go and see it right now.



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  1. We've had many way inappropriate laughing moments. Warning to people everywhere: never go to a church meeting with Brooke and expect to be a beacon of reverence! Also, btw, Elliot later pooped in the tub and Jonah made Emily put all the little poop balls in a plastic cup. Meanest dad EVER!!! haha

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