Thanks for the invite, Jyl.

So after a 45 minute drive, severe road-rage attacks (I mean so bad that the windows are down and the radio is off), I arrived fully dressed in church attire to my sister Jyl’s house in Provo, Utah. Mind you I had to literally dust off my skirt before I could leave my apartment. Anyways, I am down in Provo and what I am doing? No, I am not at a church in my half dusted off skirt and tattoo hiding flip-flops, I am sitting in my sisters office watching her long fingernails type a million miles a minute on her blog! She goes on to tell me all about the blogging world that I am apparently so sadly missing out on, so while she is brushing her hair (finally, I mean we are an hour and a half late, JYL) she is navigating me to all of her favorite “mommy blogger” sites. It’s pretty insane. Some mothers spend hours on the net uploading photo shopped pictures of their little darlings, and adding witty captions to go along. Jyl is so into this nation-wide world of mommy gossiping that she didn’t even notice when I woke up at 12:30 the next day. Thank you blog spot! But really, all this mommy blogging and sharing information blog-to-blog is nuts.

All in all I had a great time with my sister and her family. Never can get too much of Provo, right?


Till next time,


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