You know you’ve had a good weekend when you…

-Have to vacuum your kitchen floor.
-Get in a food fight with the 4&1/2 foot submarine Subway sandwich that you got for the Super Bowl
-Have to vacuum your kitchen floor. Again.
-[Permanently] get a cucumber stuck to the wall.
-Wake up with your face stuck to your pillow because of all the wing sauce it had on it when you went to sleep.
-Have gone to a Jazz game with your Dad!
-Discussed why Lady Gaga didn’t play the halftime show with a bunch of Queenies.
-Spent a colossal amount of time picking olives out of your living room carpeting.

This past weekend was a lot of fun. Mostly because of the Super Bowl yesterday. Thanks to everyone who came over..and stayed even during JS&I’s repeated rendition of Tiny Tim’s classic, “Tip Toe Through the Window”

🙂 Loves,


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