The Black Keys – Live on Letterman

Wahoo! Because I have luck at winning things for unknown reasons, I got two tickets to see The Black Keys perform on a Live on Letterman special. Alexander (aka lil’ hotmess) accompanied me for the show. They played for about 45 minutes and shared some of the new songs from Turn Blue. LOVE.
turn blue the black keys I FaceTimed J during the show cause duh, it wouldn’t be right to enjoy them without her. the black keys live on letterman
What a life.


One thought on “The Black Keys – Live on Letterman

  1. Did you get the album yet? It’s dark side of the moony.
    Also it wouldn’t let me comment on the decision cocktail one! Boo! And now I forgot what I was gonna say.

    The Fatkini looks hot.

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