The Black Keys – Live on Letterman

Wahoo! Because I have luck at winning things for unknown reasons, I got two tickets to see The Black Keys perform on a Live on Letterman special. Alexander (aka lil’ hotmess) accompanied me for the show. They played for about 45 minutes and shared some of the new songs from Turn Blue. LOVE.
turn blue the black keys I FaceTimed J during the show cause duh, it wouldn’t be right to enjoy them without her. the black keys live on letterman
What a life.


Sally Tomato.

Tonight in my politics and persuasion class Jason Recher talked about political imagery via FaceTime. He was so interesting. I love this class.
Wednesdee Night Class Feb. 27Also, yesterday J and I met up with Thackery Binks to catch up over tea+crumps. It was a jolly good time:Tea and Crumps with Thackery Binks

Today I could hear birds chirping and it made me want to bbq, get a sunburn, listen to this (and this) with my windows rolled down on a summer night, and paint my nails lavender. I did 1/4 of those things. Success?



P.s. I went to lunch with my sissy Cari today – she’s just the best.


On New Year’s Eve J and I went over to Stef’s New Year’s Party! We hung out, chatted with old friends, and took a million really hilarious pictures:

New Year's Eve 2012 06 New Year's Eve 2012 10 New Year's Eve 2012 07Who the hell is this kid?

New Year's Eve 2012 22

Anyways, J and I were famished and so we left Stef’s early and headed up to The Pie to get some pizza!

J had to work really early in the morning, so I headed home about an hour before midnight and rang in the New Year sitting on my couch in my undies, listening to Rubber Factory on my record player, and watching fireworks go off around the city out of my corner windows.

I plan on writing some resolution’s and goals for 2013 later on this week. For now, I am going to enjoy my last few days of winter break. Maybe play The Sims? Vice City? Watch Season 1 of Girls for the third time? See Django Unchained for the third time? (J and I went last night…SO GOOD). Make some crafts? Get rid of a bunch of shit I don’t need?

Listen to me 1
Listen to me 2
Listen to me 3




My friend Fred (WHO IS THE GREATEST PERSON ON EARTH) works for Simmons Media and was able to get Jackie and I into The Black Keys sound check before their concert tonight. We also got to go to a meet&greet with only twenty other people and get pat&dan’s signatures and a picture.


I will post our picture when it goes live on x96.

Their concert was absolutely amazing. I love this band, and am so glad that I go to it with s&j. I had SO much fun.