On New Year’s Eve J and I went over to Stef’s New Year’s Party! We hung out, chatted with old friends, and took a million really hilarious pictures:

New Year's Eve 2012 06 New Year's Eve 2012 10 New Year's Eve 2012 07Who the hell is this kid?

New Year's Eve 2012 22

Anyways, J and I were famished and so we left Stef’s early and headed up to The Pie to get some pizza!

J had to work really early in the morning, so I headed home about an hour before midnight and rang in the New Year sitting on my couch in my undies, listening to Rubber Factory on my record player, and watching fireworks go off around the city out of my corner windows.

I plan on writing some resolution’s and goals for 2013 later on this week. For now, I am going to enjoy my last few days of winter break. Maybe play The Sims? Vice City? Watch Season 1 of Girls for the third time? See Django Unchained for the third time? (J and I went last night…SO GOOD). Make some crafts? Get rid of a bunch of shit I don’t need?

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Listen to me 2
Listen to me 3




I want this to cover a whole wall in my house:

I love Rob France! I first fell in love with him/his art in a booth at the Salt Lake City Arts Fest a few years ago and I have been following him intently ever since. I can’t wait until the day I own a few pieces of his.

Until then I will just continue to stalk/like every new piece of art he posts on his Facebook Page and frequent his website galleries on the regular.