Piccadilly Big Jubilee Lunch

WOO! Happy Jubs weekend, everyone! All the Brits have been prepping for a long time for this weekend which is HRMTQ’s Diamond Jubilee – it marks her 60th year as Queen.
The place I am interning at is a PR company and one of our clients was a sponsor for the big lunch on Piccadilly street today. (Interesting side note, this is the first time in history Piccadilly street has been closed to buses/cars/etc).
ANYWAYS, being eager to learn and spend time with my coworkers, I volunteered my Sunday to help man the event – I also volunteered S&J’s Sunday and dragged them from their beds super early to come with me.

Unfortunately it has been rotten weather here for the past couple of days, and today was no different. Wet, cold, and windy! Brrrr. Anyways, SJ&I spent most of the morning wandering around and directing lost people from various press outlets (there were over 80 different press/media people that came to this event). Then I followed around the head of the agency and helped her with anything she needed (mostly holding her binder and coat, BUT STILL).

Anyways, highlight of my day/month/year/life was when the unnamed “VIP” guest was revealed to the staff/piccadilly street/THEWORLD to be none other than, Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

WHAT! Yes, they would be coming down Piccadilly street and they would be stopping to sing the national anthem at the very place I was standing.

Q: Brooke, what was the first thought that ran into your head when you realized that Prince Charles would be within ten feet of you?


He really was within 10 feet and we made eye contact a couple of times. AWESOME. It was really fun, and even though it was cold, windy, and at times a bit miserable – I am really glad that I went and spent time with my coworkers, hung out with Prince Charles, and was apart of the history of this Jubilee!



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