happy birthday, taylor swift.

Today after work I finished rounding up some last minute party favors for the extravaganza that was Taylor Swift’s birthday party/Christmas gift exchange with my friend Jesika. (p.s. can I just say WTF is up with Zurcher’s being out of helium due to a nationwide helium shortage? WHATEVER)
Twsift birthday party:christmas extravaganza.JPG 2
Anyways, Jes gifted me with two records: West Side Story and one of my fave albums from the Black Keys. (YES) *p.s. santa, I really, really, really, hope there is a record player coming down the chimney for me this year.

Anyways, after ripping into each other’s gifts we ate some red velvet cupcakes from the sweet tooth fairy (OMFG) and then we watched our favorite, Love Actually.
Twsift birthday party/christmas extravaganza.JPG 4
Quite a lovely night, indeed.



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