hug a little tighter.

Tonight after I got off of work, I got some dinner, relaxed for a bit at my house (watched Jay Leno’s show from last night – I really love that man), and then I headed out to Stansbury Park to watch my babes in their winter dance recital.

I got there late (what else is new?) and had to sneak in to a find a seat. I missed both of my nieces jazz dances, but I did make it to see Noelle as an angel during the last lyrical dance number.

I started crying when I saw her, (which if you know me, is really quite normal) – but, I started crying because of how grateful I am to have that little long-legged, braceface in my life – how grateful I am to come over to their house on Sunday’s, to a family who loves me, who runs to give me big hugs and kisses when they see me, who wants to tell me about their lives and keep me connected to them.

During the recital, the dance company owner asked for a moment of silence for all those affected by yesterday’s shootings in Connecticut. I can’t believe the pain those families are going through. Just even imagining that pain makes me want to sob. I just want to hug my little chickens and tell them I love them so much.

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My heart goes out to the aunt’s who loved their niece(s) or nephew(s) like I love mine. My heart is broken for them and for their loss.


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