holy balls.

Things I love today:

-Clair de Lune. On repeat.
-Waking up with my earbuds in. OUCH.
-Volunteering and meeting a variety of interesting people.
-Having other people clean my house because it’s dirty. PATHETIC.
-Elton John
-Strawberries and getting seeds stuck in my teeth.
-BBMing with Cari. Honestly? Funniest person in the world.
-Example of our conversation today: “You don’t know pig latin? Illegally download it off rosetta stone!”
-The fact that it’s Friday and that I am going to have an AWESOME weekend. Hope you have one too!



5 thoughts on “holy balls.

  1. Hahaha!! I am purty funny, ain't I? Seriously though, bbming with you is the only thing that keeps me going (well, that and Millionaire Matchmaker).

  2. Waking up with earbuds in sucks. I do that quite often since I somewhat have the constant need to fall asleep with my ipod on every night.

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