Oh hey guys, it’s me. I’ve been quite boring lately and have had a bit lack-luster approach on what I have been wanting to write/rant about/post on this web-space of mine. Let’s just start at a little catch up….

Last week, Jyl, my boss and older sis at Mom It Forward gave an opening keynote address at the RootsTech conference here in downtown SLC. She was speaking about capturing your moments – and emphasized that even the little moments you capture can end up being WOW moments in your life (or to your family’s life). Example of a WOW moment that I didn’t realize was going to be a WOW moment until later on….

Catch up - March 28, 2013

This picture of me was taken whilst I was wearing a rain poncho on a cold and rainy Sunday morning in London. Not but a few minutes after this was taken, I saw and sang God Save the Queen with Charles, Prince of Wales. I mean, look at my face. WHO KNEW. (interesting side note: the second I found out that I was about to be in front of before mentioned HRH, I ripped that £4 rain poncho off my body faster than I kill any/all living plants (which is REALLY fast)).

ANWYAYS, per usual Jyl absolutely killed her presentation. She left me wanting to buy a video camera/CCTV and record/document everything that happens. You can watch her whole keynote and get inspired (and see a really cute video with yours truly) here: Jyl Pattee RootsTech Keynote

Some snaps I took at the conference:

Catch up - March 28, 2013 242 Catch up - March 28, 2013 247 Catch up - March 28, 2013 251

As far as the rest of the weekend goes, I was pretty relaxed. On Saturday, J came over and we looked through old pictures and videos from a few years ago. Seriously, I’ve had some good times with that girl. There were many laughtears shed. On Sunday, I venutured out to Stansbury for Sunday dinner and got kisses from my favorite boy:

Catch up - March 28, 2013 284

This week has been pretty mellow. I can’t believe how fast time is going – just yesterday I was wishing it was today, ya know? Now it’s here! And soon, other things that I am wishing for will be here too – LIKE GRADUATION.


Catch up - March 28, 2013 360 Today Kyle and I went to the U of U Campus Bookstore and picked up our graduation regalia. Here I am snuggling my graduation swag:Catch up - March 28, 2013 361 Catch up - March 28, 2013 362

Ta for now,



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