How to: Wayne’s World Costume

Hi evvveryone! Here is another installment to J and I’s halloween costumes from years past. This one was just last halloween! We decided to be Wayne + Garth from Wayne’s World because I have dark hair (like Wayne) and J has blonde hair (like Garth).

Anyway, here are some tips/links to help you party on for Halloween 2012:

Dark hair, preferably shoulder length/mullet-y. You can get wigs here (or at any local halloween shop).
Black shirt
Light jeans with holes cut in them (I found an old pair of whitewashed jeans from a thrift store)
Black converse shoes or any black shoes you have
Wayne’s World hat

Blonde, shoulder length, poofy hair
Stone/white washed jeans with holes
Black rimmed glasses (FYI: If you have a pair of 3D movie glasses – just pop the lenses out and those will work)
Led Zeppelin/Aerosmith t-shirt
Blue plaid shirt (over t-shirt, or tied around waist)
Black converse

Watch both movies a few times before Halloween and you’ll be ready!

Party on,


How to: Homemade The Black Keys Halloween Costumes

My best friend J and I have been Halloween partners in crime since I can remember. As young kids we would do the trick or treating rounds in my neighborhood then reconvene back at my house, stash our candy loot, switch costumes and go out there again.

These last few years have been no different. In 2010 J and I dressed up at Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney from the band The Black Keys. Here are some tips for a quick and easy Halloween costume:

Essentials for Dan:
-Beard (you can purchase one and glue it on, grow one, or draw one on with a brown expo marker)
-Button up jean/flannel shirt
-Guitar (optional)

Essentials for Pat:
-Buddy Holly-esque glasses
Flannel shirt/band tee
-Drum sticks (optional)

You can also purchase a dress up kit from their website here.

J and I added a “Hello I am” name tag to our get up – and also took around a signed Brothers album poster.

Happy Halloween!